Enllaços a planes web d'interès per a historiadors

Història Antiga

Història medieval

Internet ancient history sourceboook

Selected ancient near eastern texts

Mit classics archive

Exploring ancient world cultures

Ancient world web

Egyptology resources

Rassegna decli strumenti infortatici per lo studio dell'antichitá classica

Electronic resources for classicists

A history of ancient greek music

The ancient greek world

Guide to roman websites

External gateway to humanity resources

Late antiquity in the mediterranean

The encyclopedia of new testament textual criticism

Scrolls from the dead sea 

Online medieval and classical library, Berkeley university

Internet medieval sourcebook

The labyrinth, resources for medieval studies, Georgetown

Christian calssics ethereal library

Textos de literatura Galega medieval


Netserf medieval resources

The medieval review

Exemplaria. Medieval and Renaissance studies

American Academy of research historians of medieval Spain


Història Moderna i Contemporània

Història d'Espanya i Portugal

Internet modern history sourcebook

Columbus and the age of discovery

Letters of Philip II, king of Spain


Eighteenth-century resources

Documents in military history

Romantic Chronology

Age of enlightenment and democratic revolution

A hypertext on american history

The Napoleon series

Links on the French revolution

Steam engine libray

Documents of the revolution of 1848 in France

Victorian web

The siege and commune of Paris

H-German homepage

US civil war on the web

Marx-Engels Internet archive

The American foreign policy 1898-1914

Japanese history

Nationalism links

Documents of the roman catholic church

Contemporary conflicts

Russian revolution on the www

The great depression

European modern and contemporary history 

Centro de información documental de archivos


La Pepa


Society for Spanish and Portuguese historical studies

La guerra civil española

A select bibliography of Spanish history

Instituto de história e teoria das ideias

Bibliografia sobre la historia de Portugal


Centro de estudios históricos CSIC

Colón. Lista de distribución sobre historia. CSIC

Sociedad japonesa de historia de España




Culturas precolombinas de México

Latin America historial text archive

Instituto de investigaiones históricas. Unam México

Instituto de historia. Univ. Católica de Chile



European historical museums
Index of resources for historians
History departments around the world
International students of history association
History and computing
Hyperhistory online project
International institute of social history
Calls for papers, conferences, associations & activities
Primary historical documents from western Europe
History journals guide
International congress of historical sciences