The past tense of be.- Ann and David are talking about a party. The party was in the garden of their college in Oxford. Complete the dialogue. Use was, wasn't, were or weren't.

 Ann: I hear there 1 a party at the college last Friday evening. 2 you there?

David: Yes, I 3. Where 4 you?

Ann: Oh, I 5 here on Friday. I 6 in Birmingham.

David: That's a pity. It 7 a very funny party. The music 8 great.

Ann: What 9 the weather like here?

David: Oh, we 10 very lucky with the weather. It 11 sunny. There 12 no cloud in the sky.

Ann: 13 there John and Miriam there?

David: Oh, Miriam 14, she 15 still on holiday, but John and his sister 16 at the party.


    Put the verbs in the following sentences into the simple past tense. No need to write the dot at the end of each sentence: it is already written.

           PRESENT                                          SIMPLE PAST

-I go to work on foot. ---------------> 17.

-I meet him on Saturday. ------------> 18.

-She always wears pink. ------------> 19.

-He gets up at 7.30. ------------------> 20.

-He doesn't understand me. ---------> 21.

-He shuts the shop at 6.00. ----------> 22.

-She speaks slowly. -----------------> 23.

-He leaves school at 12.00. --------> 24.

-I read a chapter every night. ------> 25.

-You don't eat too much. -----------> 26.

-I see him every day. ---------------> 27.

-Tom sings in the choir. -----------> 28.

-He cries when he is hurt. ---------> 29.

-I don't know it. --------------------> 30.

-He takes the dog out twice a day. -> 31.

-He doesn't drink wine. ------------> 32.

-He sleeps badly. ------------------> 33.




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