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 Jean Smith was born 1 Malaya 2 1951. 3 that time many people 4 Britain lived and worked 5 Malaya. Some British worked 6 schools and hospitals. Their servant were Malay and spoke 7 them 8 Malay, so she learned to speak Malay. 

When Jean was thirteen, her father had gone 9 Kuala Lumpur and it was late 10 night when he drove back 11 home. He was tired and fell asleep 12 the car. The car left the road and hit a tree. Mr. Smith was killed. It was already 13 dawn when the police phoned 14 his wife to tell her the bad news.

Mrs Smith and her daughter went back 15 England in the Summer 1965. Jean studied hard 16 school 17 Reading. Jean wanted to go back 18 Malaya. She left school 19 sixteen and worked as a typist 20 an office. Mrs Smith wrote 21 the manager of a rubber company 22 Kuala Lumpur. The company wrote back 23 Mrs Smith and offered Jean a job. This was 24 1969. Jean was already 25 her late teens.

Jean arrived 26 Malaya 27 24 December 1969. She lived in Kuala Lumpur. Her house, a semidetached one, was 28 number 36, 29 the end of a colourful street. It took her five minutes walking to get 30 the city centre. She worked hard 31 the mornings. 32 the afternoons, she played tennis and 33 the evenings, she usually stayed 34 home watching 35 TV  or listening 36 the radio. She went 37 parties and dances 38 Friday and Saturday evenings. There was always something enjoyable to do.

Jean was a lucky girl and her future looked certain. She got married 39 her early twenties, and nowadays she lives in great happiness with her husband and her two children 40 this far country.




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