Make -or complete- informal questions for this answers.

 -1 is it? -It's ten past ten.

-Can you 2 me what time 3? -It's ten to ten.

-4 the train arrive? -It arrives at 16.15.

-Where 5 this train 6 at? -It calls at Reading.

-7 your English class 8? -It starts at 10 o'clock a.m.

-(Inhabitants): 9 got? -It's got about 300,000 inhabitants.

(Liverpool)-10? -For its oil refineries and chemical and car.

-11 he? -He's 1 metre 65.

-12? -He lives at 16 Belmont Street.

-13 tomorrow? -No, I can't, but I can come on Saturday.

-14 dancing? -Yes, I do. It's very exciting.

-15 playing tennis? -No, she isn't. She's jogging.

-16? -I was born in San Francisco.

-17? -She is writing a letter.

-18 there a 19 here? -Yes, the chemist's is next to the bookshop.

-20? -We've got two children.

-21 to get to work? -It takes me 10 minutes.

-22? -There're three theatres.

-23 it? -It's twenty kilometres from here.

(Think) -24 classmates? -They're very friendly.




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