Fill in the blanks  (Don't forget Capital letters).

        Calling up (= Phoning)

Susan: -972.44.39

Peter: -Is 1 Mary?

Susan: -I'm afraid you've got the 2 number.

Peter: -Oh! 3 that 973.44.39?

Susan: -No, it isn't. 4 is 972.44.39

Peter: -I'm 5.

Susan: -Don't 6. Good bye.

Peter: -Bye.


Later: Peter rings Chris who is out so he has to leave a message.

Chris: -7!

Peter: -Hallo! 973.44.39?

Chris: -Yes.

Peter: -Can I speak 8 Mary, please?

Chris: -Who is 9?

Peter: -It's 10, Peter.

Chris: -I'm afraid she isn't 11 yet.

Peter: -Come on, Chris!...

Chris: -Don't worry, Peter; she is no more 12 with you. She has gone 13, and I don't know 14 she is coming back.

Peter: -That's all right. Can you 15 her a message 16 me?

Chris: -Yes, of course. Just a second, let me 17 a bit of paper.

Peter: -Thank you.

Chris: -OK.

Peter: -I've 18 a table at the Chinese Restaurant 19 Friday evening. Could you 20 her if she'd like 21 with me? You can come with 22, too.

Chris: -Thanks, Peter. It's very 23 of you. What time are you coming to take us?

Peter: -Well, my car has 24 down. Could you 25 me 26 the bus station, in Piccadilly?

Chris: -All right, but it'll not 27 before half past six.

Peter: -O.K. 28 you on Friday 29 half past six. Don't be 30.

Chris: -We'll be 31 time. See you, Peter.





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