Fill in with "the", "a"/ "an" or 0 (if no article).

     There are two children, 1 boy and 2 girl, sitting near 3 door of 4 living room. 5 boy is sitting on 6 chair, and 7 girl in 8 armchair. They look happy. They are watching  9 T.V. They laugh all 10 time.

 .What time does your father go to 11 work? 

 .What does he have for 12 breakfast?

 .Do you go to school by 13 bus, by 14 bicycle or on 15 foot?

 .Can you play 16 piano or 17 guitar?



-Where's Ma¢? -It's 18 the North East of Menorca.

-Where's Menorca? Is it 19 the Mediterranean Sea?

-Yes, 20 .

-What's Ma¢ like? It's 21 small town of about 25,000 inhabitants. It's located 22 north-eastern coast of Menorca. It's 23 tourist centre, and it's very beautiful. It's famous 24 its mayonnaise.

  Make questions for these answers:

  25?: -New York is a very big town. 

  26?: -Girona is famous for its cathedral. 

Complete this dialogue:

A.- Do you know ? Peter is in London now.

B.- Oh! 27 live?

A.- In Oxford Street.

B.- 28 job?

A.- He's 29 architect.

B.- 30 married?

A.- Yes, 31.

B.- 32 wife work?

A.- Yes, 33.

B.- 34 nurse?

A.- No, she is not 35, 36 doctor.

B.- 37 name?

A.- Helen.

B.- 38?

A.- 39 twenty-nine.

B.- And what about you? 40 live?

A.- 41, Lemon Street.

B.- 42 married?

A.- No, 43. I'm 44




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