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   Paris is 1 capital of France. It's 2 very big city on 3 River Seine.- 4 population of 5 Barcelona is 6about 3,000,000 inhabitants.  Girona is 7 small town in 8 northern Catalonia. It's situated on 9 River Ter. Blanes is 10 tourist town, on 11 coast, and it's situated in 12 South East of Girona. My boyfriend lives there, in 13 flat facing 14 sea. I live in 15 London, 16 capital of 17 England. It's 18 very big. It's famous for its 19 monuments. There's plenty to see and do in London. See Big Ben and 20 Houses of Parliament. They stand on 21 River Thames, near Westminster Abbey. Go down 22 river to 23Tower of London, and visit 24 St Paul's Cathedral too. If you like 25 classical music, go to 26 concert at the Royal Albert Hall or 27 Royal Festival Hall. You can hear excellent jazz at 28Ronnie Scott's club in Soho.


  Jane is 29 amusing and 30lively. She is 31 very good-looking girl. She is 32 computer programmer and works for 33 big software company in London. Peter thinks she is quite 34 very clever girl. They met each other 35 last autumn in Central Park; the ground was covered by 36 fallen leaves.


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a.-It's 37 the South East of Girona.

b.-It's 38 the South East coast of Girona.

c.-It's 39 south-eastern coast of Girona.

d.-It's 40 south-eastern Girona.





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