Fill in the blanks. Don't forget capital letters.

    Sam Miller 1 twenty. 2 birthday is 3 September. He is 4 art student. He 5in London, with 6 parents, and he 7 at the Royal College of Art. He 8 the guitar. He has got 9 girlfriend, Christine. She 10seventeen years old. 11 birthday is 12 two weeks, 13 February 21st. She is 14 secretary, and she 15 in a Tourist Information Office. She has got 16 small flat in Brixton,a suburb of London; 17 is about three miles 18 the city centre. She gets up early 19 the morning, and she 20 the 7:30 bus to go 21 work. She 22play the guitar, but she 23 music very much. She 24 ride a horse. She usually rides a horse 25 weekends. Sam is not good 26 sports, and he prefers to paint or play 27 guitar.


   Now write the questions for these answers. (Pay attention to Uppercase letters)

    28 ? -I'm 24.

    29 ?- I was born in 1975.

    30 ? - She was born in 1979.


  Write this date in full. Don't forget the comma: 

 London, 3 April 1987 : London, 31.


  Answer the following questions (Write complete answers: subject + verb).

a. What year was W.Shakespeare born?: 32

b. Where was he born?: 33





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