Fill in the blanks with possessive adjectives or personal pronouns. (Pay attention to capital letters).

-We live in Girona and 1 names are Maria and Jordi.- 

-Is this Miss Smith's sweater? -No, it's not. 2 sweater is green.

-Are these the children's books? -No, they're not. 3books are red.

-When a tree does 4 drop 5 leaves? - 6 drops 7 in Autumn.

-Is this Mr Jackson's hat? -No, it's not. 8 hat is black.

-Is this Mss Davis' dog? -No, it's not. 9 dog is brown and white.- 

-In winter trees have dropped all 10 leaves.

-Is this 11 pencil? -No, it's not. My pencil is yellow.

-When a dog is happy, 12 wags 13 tail.

-When dogs are happy, 14 wag 15 tail.- 

I have a boyfriend, 16 name's James. 17hair is brown and 18 is friendly and cheerful. 19 has got four sisters, 20 names are July, Mary, Ann and Chris. 21 sister Ann is married and 22 has got two children, one daughter and a son. 23 are very talkative. 


   Fill in with possessive pronouns and personal pronouns.

This is Peter's suitcase. 24must be 25 because it has got his name on it. 

-This umbrella is not 26, is it 27, Susan? - Oh! yes, it is. Thanks, John. 

-Does this cartoon belong to Ann?. -Yes, it is part of a collection of 28

-Isn't this dog neighbours'. -I don't think it's 29 

-You say always 'my house', but it's not only 30. We're married and this house is 31; it's my house and your house..., don't forget 32.




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